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I survived my first CES

For those that don’t know CES is the Consumer Electronics Show, quite possibly one of the largest trade shows on earth. It is where literally thousands of companies show off their latest and greatest tech gadgets that will be available to consumers in the coming years.

I had grandiose plans for all the things I was going to see and do during my 2.5 days but wow! was I mistaken.

I was there with a client so things on that end were much more time consuming than I imagined. Mostly because of the vast amount of people EVERYWHERE! It literally takes 2 hours to get most places. Someone told me this before I went and I thought they were joking. They were not joking. There is a free shuttle bus provided from the Las Vegas Convention Center to most hotels but if you wait until the show closes at 6pm, forget it. Oh and Uber 7x surge pricing. So prepare to wait.

So before I get to off are my highlights.


  1. Research things ahead of time. I was so busy with work and life that I didn’t have a chance to do so and that was a miss. Research what might be coming out, historically who has launched some cool things, oh and parties – there were certainly some cool ones going on.
  2. Buy comfortable flats and break them in before you go. You will do massive amounts of steps. Upwards of 20,000 steps per day and you don’t want your feet hurting. Prepare to walk. In Vegas, things that look “right across the street” are miles away.
  3. Plan to dress appropriately for the weather and your day. People were literally in every type of clothing you can imagine. I had a light jacket and was fine during the night time when the temp dropped a bit.
  4. Make dinner reservations in advance if you want to go to nice places. There are so many clients, vendors, meetings, etc..all the good places get snatched up quickly.



  1. Have a plan of what you want to see. Booths at CES - The Boston MomThere are going to be some awesome booths and new tech that you aren’t going to want to miss but you will if you aren’t properly prepared on where to go. The halls are massive and there are many of them. There are also off-site activities and demos at places other than the Las Vegas Convention Center so you will want to know where everything is before you just start wandering around.
  2. If you can fly in early in the day on Wednesday, I would recommend it. Lines at CES - The Boston MomI got there late on Wednesday night and honestly, everything was a mad house. The taxi line was 500 people deep – at least. You also want to try and get your badge early. Otherwise you will be waiting in a line like this for an hour and 45 minutes.
  3. ABC – always be charging. When you are eating breakfast, seat yourself next to a plug. When you are eating lunch, seat yourself next to a plug. Anytime you are in the vicinity of power – be charging. This also stands for “Always be chatting”. You never know who you are in line next to or who you are sitting next to on the shuttle bus. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation.
  4. Don’t plan on sleeping. If you think you are going for a restful and relaxing trip to vegas – forget it.
  5. Prepare to wait in line – often. I wasn’t kidding about the shuttle lines if you wait until 6pm to leave. One night it took me two hours to go what took 20 minutes in the morning. The second night I took the monorail, which I think was a faster option, however, it doesn’t go to every hotel and therefore I had to walk more once I got off to get where I was going. I was also walking at a snails pace my feet hurt so bad (and I was wearing comfortable shoes).

A quick live video from the show floor:



  1. One word. Sleep. You will need it.

Did you attend CES this year? Have you ever? What are your tips? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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