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Review: Braun Forehead Thermometer

Anyone who has a small child knows that when they have a temperature it is the most frightening thing. Getting the correct temperature can also be a challenge with a small child who doesn’t want to keep a stick in their mouth and you are constantly wondering if the temp [...]

Welcome Wagon – Baby Shower Gift

Looking for the best baby shower gift ever? Look no further. I give you the “Welcome Wagon”! Now I can’t take creditbecause this was certainly a Pinterest inspiration but I modified it for what I had available. First, I purchased the Little Tikes Mini Wagon from Amazon ($26.99). Next, I hit [...]

I had to rebuild…again

I don’t know why this happens to me..well I know why. I don’t back up often enough but, I had both my websites hacked. AGAIN. So bad to the point where I lost literally everything and had to rebuild from scratch. Not fun and very time consuming. So, here we [...]

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