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Review: Fiber One Meal Bars

Any mom knows how tough it can be to get in decent food during the day. You are working, taking care of your kiddos, doing laundry, the list goes on and on. Throw being pregnant into that mix and it is even more difficult. I recently read a blog post [...]

Anyone want the stomach bug?

Yeah..I didn’t think so. People – WASH YOUR HANDS..a lot! Saturday started out like normal, got AJ from his room, gave him his milk and brought him into our room to watch cartoons. He finished his milk, stood up, looked at me and puked everywhere. The first thing I said [...]

My two cents on Isis Parenting closing

(Flickr/Photo credit: Corey McPherson Nash) News this week of one of Boston’s most beloved pregnancy related stores, Isis Parenting, closing abruptly has caused sadness, madness and craziness among the pregnant and new parent masses in and around greater Boston. As someone who shopped there regularly, attended a class and many [...]

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