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AJ’s 2nd Birthday – Soccer Party

My son, AJ, was born during what is historically the snowiest week of February. His 1st birthday party (which was going to be his first fiesta) was canceled because it literally snowed 36 inches. There was some risk of this party being canceled because it was supposed to snow and [...]

A Compliment goes a long way..

I recently read a post on Huffington Post Parents (one of my favorite daily reads) about complimenting new parents. It’s so true. I’m not even a “new parent” (but what does that even mean anyway??), I’m very close to baby #2 arriving and I can tell you there is nothing [...]

Snow Days

(Snow photo from It seems like it has been snowing and snowing in Boston. For a working mom (who works in PR/Digital) there is no such thing as a snow day. I see all my teacher friends posting about how excited they are..nope, not me. This is why: I [...]

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