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My first green smoothie!

Smoothie, juice, protein shake — whatever it is, I finally tried it! I know I’m late to the party but the concept of drinking spinach wasn’t that appealing to me. I came across a recipe that was intriguing and thought I would finally give it a try. Now my first [...]

It’s only been 6 weeks..

That is what I keep trying to tell myself – it’s only been 6 weeks. Time has really flown by hence why I haven’t written since Rosie girl was born. Seems like just yesterday I was sitting in the hospital with her by myself (see that post here). I’m finding [...]

Day 1..we’re off to a not so great start

When I was pregnant, I can’t lie, I was nervous about having two kids. Everyone I know says it’s pure mayhem. This pregnancy was also much different (and much harder) than when I was pregnant the first time. My labor and delivery was easy breezy – 6 hours and done! [...]

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