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Shipping up to Boston..the milk that is

I’ve been traveling more for work and personal reasons recently and  this adds a layer of complication to nursing or in my case EP (exclusive pumping). Not only do I have to get myself and all my stuff there but I also have to make sure I have all my [...]

I joined the mile high club..get your mind out of the gutter

To bad my blog was hacked and I lost all my old posts because this would be a great time to reference my “I pump every, everywhere” (think Pitbull) post. But alas, I had to start over. I am still pumping everywhere, everywhere and have added a new and very [...]

Philip Alexander – Free Concert Swampscott

If you are looking for something to do this week, Philip Alexander will play a free show for kids on Wednesday, August 13th from 6pm-8pm on the Swampscott Town Hall lawn. The Swampscott by the Sea Summer Music series is new this year. People should bring blankets, lawn chairs and the [...]

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