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AJ’s 5th Birthday Party – Star Wars Lego Birthday Theme!

My son, AJ, starts telling me what he wants for his birthday party months in advance. I think he knows birthday parties are a big deal in this house (that is another story for another day). Months ago he told me he wanted a Star Wars party. So I did [...]

The most important thing you can do for yourself each week

I'm a big fan of personal development. I read books, I listen to podcasts - I'm always consuming things designed to power my optimism and entrepreneurial spirit. I once heard a very important tip and I feel like I've been seeing it more and more - the most important thing [...]

I survived my first CES

For those that don't know CES is the Consumer Electronics Show, quite possibly one of the largest trade shows on earth. It is where literally thousands of companies show off their latest and greatest tech gadgets that will be available to consumers in the coming years. I had grandiose plans [...]

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