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Make an impact. Make a donation. Make a time commitment.

I feel like I’ve been seeing more and more requests for donations lately but honestly that is because so many of my friends are doing such great things. Whether it is running a race for an organization to beat Neuroblastoma or running for St. Jude, these people I know are giving [...]

Moms in Cars: Mojave!

The latest episode in Moms in Cars comes to you from the Mojave! And with my co-workers! I know people love guests on this show so I’m trying to integrate more guests. Watch below and I’d love a comment or two!  

I’m excited to get outside this summer!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by BrandCycle. This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive compensation. I’m excited to get outside this summer and do some fun activities with the kids, whether it is camping, canoeing, visiting water parks, [...]

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