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I had to rebuild…again

I don’t know why this happens to me..well I know why. I don’t back up often enough but, I had both my websites hacked. AGAIN. So bad to the point where I lost literally everything and had to rebuild from scratch. Not fun and very time consuming. So, here we go again and don’t worry – I’ve scheduled the back-ups so we shouldn’t have any issues.

Have a blog or website? Here are my top tips for maintaining safety. I speak from experience. Please add any I may have missed in the comments.

1) Always update WordPress when new versions become available. This prevents hackers from breaking in through the code because things are constantly being updated.

2) Always update plug-ins when new versions become available. Same reason above.

3) Schedule regular back-ups. Why? I think you know why.

4) Change your password every 60 days.

5) Sign up with a reliable hosting company. This was one of my biggest issues. I had a crap hosting company..I don’t anymore!

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