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Did you ever just have one of “those” days?

Today was well, today. My husband and I started the day with AJ and Rosie making their way into our bed. Even a king size bed can feel cramped with two adults and two toddlers. a 5 year old a toddler? I digress.

I scooted out the door to a wax and pedicure appt..because that is what working moms do on Sunday at 9am and when I came home, Austin had waffles and bacon ready. #WINNING! We enjoyed a nice family breakfast while Saved by the Bell was on the TV. I mean, c’mon, great american classic right there. The kids ate 6 animal shaped waffles each..I swear, we feed them.

We headed out to swimming and all was right with the day..until we got to swimming. AJ has really been struggling with self-confidence the last few months. The kid is a a great swimmer and just would not get in the water. He just kept saying he wanted to go home. This is super hard for my husband and I because self-confidence is not an area either one of us struggle in..any tips on how to help this kid?!?

Thankfully, the great instructors at the JCC, took him aside and got him to warm up by simply having some fun jumping in the water and eventually he relaxed and had a good class.

On the way home, we decided it would be a good day to make a stop to the Easter bunny. That would mean we would need to go home, dry hair, change into nice outfits and get out the door..oh and stop on the way and get AJ a haircut. I can’t make this stuff up.

I get both kids dressed. AJ comes down and my husband and I proceed to have an argument over whether or not AJ was wearing black jeans or regular jeans (they were regular jeans). He was wearing a blue shirt so in my opinion he needed to wear brown shoes. Austin thought he needed to wear black shoes and tried to force his black high top converse on him. I thought this looked ridiculous and tried to put his brown shoes on him…well AJ clearly got confused and just had an all out meltdown. He got sent to his room and Rosie sat on the steps asking me, “mommy, why AJ no listen?”

We finally got it together and got out of the house. Hit up Snip-It’s on our way and then made it to the mall to see the Easter bunny. All was well.

But here is the part of the day that just wears on you as a parent.

“Mom, can I have an ice cream”

“Mom, Rosie took my ring”

“Dad, AJ no share with me”


“Mom, can I have an ice cream”

“You are not listening to me! I do NOT want to go to BJ’s”

The list goes on and on and on. Several times today I found myself simply in a comedic laugh at the situation. It might have come to a peak when we were leaving BJ’s and this lovely little family was waiting patiently for something on the other side of the register. My two little animals just ran up to the kids and pretty much did their best Gene Simmons, tongue out, jungle yell, you’ve ever seen. The other mother honestly looked horrified..and I laughed. What the eff what I supposed to do??

It’s time to go to bed. Monday is here tomorrow and we start this chaos of life all over again.

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  • Lena Fishman Apr 8, 2017, 6:57 am

    Life IS so busy!

    • Marissa Sweazy Apr 8, 2017, 11:12 am

      SO busy!!

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