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Back to School?!? Already?

I don’t know about you but it seems as though the summer FLEW legit flew by. In my opinion, we didn’t have great summer weather here in Boston. I’ve heard that it is going to stay warm well into August and September but the kids are headed back to [...]

The Prudential Center Family Film Festival {Contest}

I love a good movie and especially an outdoor one! This weekend I’m on my own with the kids and this popped up as a great opportunity! The Prudential Center’s annual Magic 106.7 Family Film Festival is back! The festival runs every Saturday from July 1 to August 26 in the Center’s South Garden with [...]

Make an impact. Make a donation. Make a time commitment.

I feel like I’ve been seeing more and more requests for donations lately but honestly that is because so many of my friends are doing such great things. Whether it is running a race for an organization to beat Neuroblastoma or running for St. Jude, these people I know are giving [...]

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