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The Prudential Center Family Film Festival {Contest}

I love a good movie and especially an outdoor one! This weekend I’m on my own with the kids and this popped up as a great opportunity! The Prudential Center’s annual Magic 106.7 Family Film Festival is back! The festival runs every Saturday from July 1 to August 26 in the Center’s South Garden with [...]

Moms in Cars: Mojave!

The latest episode in Moms in Cars comes to you from the Mojave! And with my co-workers! I know people love guests on this show so I’m trying to integrate more guests. Watch below and I’d love a comment or two!  

Youtube show: Moms in Cars!

In case you’ve missed it, I have a youtube show :-) I love to talk, talk, talk and more talk. I’m also in the car ALL the time, so why not share a slice of my life with you! My husband got me a gopro Session last year for my [...]

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