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Anxiously awaiting the tooth fairy…

My son, AJ, has his first loose tooth. He has been waiting for this day for I think a year (since his older friend Chase lost his first tooth). We told him it would come eventually and it did, but now the tooth won’t come out. It’s taking it’s slow, slow time. It’s been a little over 10 days..and still nothing.

Tonight he was literally begging for us to pull it out but I went to Dr. Google and everything I read not to pull it out. You are supposed to let it come out on it’s own. I found one video from the ADA that said you can use a tissue and gently tug and if it comes out fine. But I had no idea you could do serious damage to the adult teeth by pulling out the baby teeth. I learned so much in a 10 minute google search. So we wait…

Next order of business – what is the going rate for the tooth fairy these days? He told us he wanted $60. I laughed. I was thinking more in the ballpark of $5. What does your tooth fairy offer? Sadly, another reason my husband and I didn’t want to pull out the tooth was because our tooth fairy was fresh out of cash for the

I can already tell another tooth of his has moved so I’m sure once the first one goes, they’ll go quickly but WHY DOES HE HAVE TO GROW UP SO FAST?!?!?! and did I mention he shops in the big kid section now? No more 5T. We’ve surpassed that size 🙁

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