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AJ’s 5th Birthday Party – Star Wars Lego Birthday Theme!

My son, AJ, starts telling me what he wants for his birthday party months in advance. I think he knows birthday parties are a big deal in this house (that is another story for another day). Months ago he told me he wanted a Star Wars party. So I did what all moms do and went to Pinterest. There were all sorts of party ideas that were great for the outdoors but this kid has a winter birthday and I started to worry. I convinced him to add a lego theme to it as well and it worked out awesome.

Let me digress for a moment and tell you one thing – get a Darth Vader (or some type of costume character). My husband was not happy with me because he didn’t think we needed Darth but he totally made the party. The kids loved him! If you are local to Boston I used Party Adventures and would highly recommend them.


We had our party at 2:30 so we went with snacks and desserts. We had a veggie tray, a 7 layer dip, and chips and salsa. For desserts we had a Darth Vader cake, storm trooper cupcakes, pretzel light sabers (chocolate dipped light sabers), cookies and popcorn!

Star Wars Lego Party Popcorn

Popcorn from Popped! in Salem, MA

Star Wars Lego Kids Birthday Party

Storm Troopers Cupcakes

Star Wars Lego Kids Birthday Party

Food table

Star Wars Lego Kids Birthday Party

Dessert side of the table

Star Wars Lego Kids Birthday Party

Star Wars Lego Cake


Star Wars Lego Kids Birthday Lego Pull string Pinata

Pull string pinata

As I mentioned this party was in February so we didn’t have the luxury of going outside. We also had a somewhat small space and 30 kids so we had to be creative. For one activity we did a pull string piñata. Shout out to Delia Creates where I got the directions and a big THANK YOU to my dad who spent hours making two of these bad boys. For his first arts and crafts project, I think they turned out awesome.

Another activity we did was quite simply – coloring! I ordered these Silicone Lego molds*(affiliate link) and took some old crayons and make crayons for each child to use while at the party. Note, I got through about 25 and my microwave just shut off so take it slow and steady, maybe make a batch or 2 per day. I also found coloring sheets that I took to staples and printed off, again, one sheet per child. I found the sheets in a variety of places but mainly typing in ” Star Wars Lego Coloring Pages”. Here is my Pinterest search.

I also found these Star Wars masks at Target the morning of the party and they added a nice touch for the kids to wear while battling Darth Vader.

Star Wars Lego BIrthday Party

Star Wars Masks from Target

Each child also got a light saber that I found from Joissu. I thought these were a great price, however, I would be sure to get about 5 more than you actually need because not all of them lit up.

Star Wars Lego Kids Birthday Party

Attacking Darth with the light sabers!

We also did a photo backdrop. Full disclosure, we used to own a photo booth rental company so we had everything – the backdrop, the cameras, the printers, etc. I simply added some stars to our black backdrop. Every child got a photo with Darth.

Star Wars Lego Birthday Party

The photo favor

My last activity/favor were the personal lego kits. I found this DIY tutorial from the website Fun with Kids at Home with printable sheets and everything! I hit up the dollar store and was able to score 3 Tupperware containers for $1, so for the 30 I needed that was only $10! Then I went to ebay to purchase all the individual legos. The website above gives you a specific list. Then I went to Etsy (Shop: FreshlyCutCards) and purchased some gift tags that we could tape to the front of the tupperware. I have to say, I think this was my favorite item. Something the guests can use forever!

Star Wars Lego Birthday Party

Inside the lego kit – the legos and directional cards

Star Wars Lego Birthday Party

Packed Lego Kit

Other Items

I always love a good birthday shirt. The shirt we got from Etsy (shop: Print2T) was shipped quickly and excellent quality. I would definitely buy from them again. Our invites were also from Etsy (shop: PrintablesbyNat). Great service, quick turn. Have I mentioned how much I love Etsy? 🙂

Star Wars Lego Birthday Party Etsy

AJ in his birthday shirt

Needless to say a great time was had by all! Happy Birthday AJ. You are my smart boy, you are my strong boy, you are my handsome boy. If you have other ideas or questions about this party – feel free to leave a comment below.

Momma and AJ

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