Quaker hits home with “The Recital”

Looking for your good cry of the day? If you haven't seen the latest video from Quaker and you are a working parent - it's going to hit close to home but it is so worth it. Watch: As a busy working mom, this talks to me on so many [...]

Walmart for workout clothes? Who knew!

Even thought I do a home workout program, I still want to have cute workout clothes - I mean who doesn't? However, since I am on my fitness journey I'm not quite ready to fork out the $$$ for the super expensive stuff. However, with all the bouncing around I've [...]

Want to know what is super important? Shoes for working out!

I'm not a big "sneaker" or tennis shoe person. I'm not a big shoe person in general. Shoes are shoes. I was recently with my friend Kristin at Running Central in Peoria, IL. She had gone there specifically for a pair of Altra shoes. I have never been in a [...]

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