Apple & Eve – I’ll have more please!

As a working mom, I always want to try and give my kids the best. The includes everything from food and drinks to activities and educational opportunities. So when I had the chance to receive products from Apple & Eve from Influenster, I jumped at the opportunity. I could barely [...]

Review: King Richard’s Faire – Carver, MA

We have gone to King Richard's Faire for several years now and it gets better and better each year. I mean it must be great for us to drive almost 2 hours each way! But let's start with getting there - it is so easy. Right off Route 3 and [...]

How to make Shakeology

I know that everyone makes Shakeology differently. Some with milk, some with water, some in a blender, some in a shaker cup, etc. I thought it might be helpful to see how one coach makes things with and without fruit in this instance. Pina Colada Vanilla Shakeology Mix: The second [...]

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