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Are you ready to change?

Your desire to change has to be stronger than your desire to stay the same. Say that to yourself a few times. I've determined that my desire to change is greater. I CAN do this. I WANT to do this. I'm a working mom. In addition to working full time [...]

Nintendo 3DS, great option for kids and adults!

I was recently invited to attend a Nintendo 3DS event at South Shore Plaza. The goal of the event was to expose parents and kids to the new Nintendo 3DS and give us a chance to test out all the games, hear from the folks at Nintendo and have a [...]

All we need is a little support..dealing with negative nellies

I feel the need to share this because I'm sure many moms either are going through it or have gone through it. As a busy, working mom, sometimes I just need a little support. It is hard when you have people in your life who weigh you down and don't [...]

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